Housing estate: Rusaniv Residence

Kyiv End of construction (first objects): 2022 year

Apartment price:

  • 1 room from $53 003
  • 2 rooms from $71 657
  • 3 rooms from $116 745

price per m2 ($993 – $1 567)

Estimated rental income:

  • 1 room from $550 month / $6 600 year
  • 2 rooms from $700 month / $8 400 year
  • 3 rooms from $900 month / $10 800 year

10% discount when paying more than 70% of the cost

Advantages of real estate

  • unique views from a window of a stylish building
  • sportclub, kindergarten, playgrounds
  • recreational areas with benches and landscaping
  • alleys for jogging, bike paths, workout area
  • shopping malls, restaurants, schools
  • private space for recreation
  • 5 min walk from the subway station
  • wi-fi coverage in the house and 24/7 security service


All complexes of the residence are united by one common part, where the infrastructure elements are located. Due to its convenient location, residents have easy access to the river bank, which offers views of the botanical garden, the Motherland Monument, the regions of the Dnieper and Rusanivka.

The complex is designed as “car-free”, which is unique for real estate in Ukraine. This means that the courtyard will not be crowded with parked cars, which in turn allows more space for children’s play areas and places to relax.

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