External legal advisors

Aviv Eilon

Managing partner, lawyer

We would like to introduce our trusted external legal counsel, Mr Aviv Eilon, Advocate. Aviv received a Bachelor of Laws degree from Oxford Brookes University, England, and a Master of Laws degree from Tel Aviv University, Israel, and the University of California, Berkeley, USA, joint program. In 1999, Aviv established the foundations of his boutique law firm in Israel called Aviv Eilon & Co, which provides legal counsel and litigation services specialising in Internet and Cyberlaw, Corporate, Commercial and Intellectual Property.

For the past 22 years, Aviv has worked with various local and international organisations throughout their corporate life cycle and has provided counsel to innovative ventures and start-ups. Due to Aviv’s international expertise and counsel, in numerous projects, to our founder Daniel. Aviv was requested to act as an external counsel and provide a broader legal perspective, in-depth knowledge and knowhow on significant issues. Such as protecting your privacy, your data and other international online and commercial related matters.

If you have any question or request concerning any legal issue related to our services or any other legal matter, please do not hesitate to send us an email to [email protected]. We shall do our best to address the concern as soon as possible.

Natalia Yakukhno

Managing partner, lawyer

Natalia Yakukhno is the company’s partner who is in charge of real estate practices and family, corporate, and media law. Natalia has been in legal practice since 1999 and boasts over 20 years of successful experience running many real estate projects, corporate business management projects, the representation of interests in the court as well as lobbying of the Client’s interests in public bodies.

Natalia was repeatedly involved in consulting the leading media on the matters related to real estate, corporate, commercial, and media law.Natalia Yakukhno is the author of many publications on business and professional legal publications. To say more, very often, the leading TV channels of the country apply for Natalia’s legal assessment of the public events.

Philosophy: Strategy is the path to victory.

More about DGY

DGY is a real estate investment and property management company. Our experts have an impressive experience in turning businessmen into smart real estate investors. We collect limitless opportunities throughout the world’s best real estate markets and help our clients implement the best deals. We take care of all due diligence and customize documentation while your income grows. We also provide you with property management services so you can forget about the tiresome maintenance of several objects and entrust this process to professionals.

Investment advice and recommendations

DGY is an investment company that takes care of every client and helps them become successful investors. With the help of an investment experience and a well-thought plan, we will help you examine the market, choose a strategy specifically for you or your business, and calculate future costs to start making money with real estate investment.

Property management

In order to invest in real estate, you should consider how you will run your management in Ukraine. DGY will help you eliminate all possible pitfalls at an early stage as a personal project manager will be assigned to your case. They will assist you in choosing the project according to all required objectives.

Property Renovation

DGY Investments takes care not only of purchasing property but also renovating an existing one. With the help of a thorough plan and estimating, we will thoroughly prepare a property for sale. Our professionals evaluate an investment property and create a strategy that includes the costs for renovation, possible taxes, fluctuations on the market, etc. Therefore, our clients are able to resell the renovated properties in Ukraine with more than 15-20% profit from the initial price.


Before our clients decide to deal with real estate investing, they consult with our experts concerning details such as the necessary documents needed to purchase a property and successfully run all the processes connected to it.
Therefore, if you are eager to invest in Ukraine, it’s essential to have all the paperwork done correctly, and that’s the moment when our team of experts takes care of this step. DGY Investments helps investors buy real estate property, manage the paperwork, start preparing relevant documents for purchasing realty in Ukraine, and close the deal successfully.

Real estate investment opportunities in Ukraine

When an investor decides to invest in real estate in Ukraine, the most affordable way to attain stable passive income is through buying residential real estate. Investors can expect to receive a regular monthly payment from their tenants at a fixed monthly amount, unaffected by inflation or other unforeseen circumstances. The amount of rental income will vary depending on the size, type of property and location. For example, buying an apartment in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv is beneficial to investors due to offering a large working population, central location and affordable prices. Hence, the minimum price of renting a decent one-bedroom apartment in Shevchenkivskyi District will be around $1000 per month in 2021, followed by Pecherskyi District with a cost of $850 per month. Besides, investing in real estate in Ukraine annually brings clever investors up to 15% of yield, attracting many business people every year.

Properties for investments in Ukraine

Ukraine has a giant sector for real estate investing. Businessmen who come there all over the world often choose between investing in residential and commercial properties. The main advantage of buying property in Ukraine is the affordability of prices on the houses and apartments. For instance, if you invest in real estate in a historical district, a luxurious apartment will cost you around $85k only.

How to invest in Ukrainian Real Estate

In order to invest in Ukrainian real estate, you should take into account a list of crucial factors. The first one is to choose what kind of realty you are going to invest in: residential or commercial. It is vital as it should comply with Ukrainian real estate law. The second tip is to identify the purpose of purchase in order to make a strategy for the property. For instance, you may purchase the property for your own use or buy it for lease. The next step is to calculate the taxes and what kinds of taxes are payable during the purchase, owning, or selling. Also, to invest in real estate properly, you should keep in mind currency control rules in Ukraine to sell a property and get a higher profit.




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