Is it safe to close the deal in Ukrainian currency? Is UAH succaptable to inflation?

We negotiate the price in USD and close the deal in dollars. The actual transaction is made in hryvnia but the price for the property is fixed in USD so any hryvnia fluctuations won’t affect the end price in dollars that the investor pays.

What if competitors begin building a more appealing building nearby and my property value drops?

We choose the best projects whose value will only rise once construction is complete. For example, the Slavutych project is essentially a waterfront property. To build anything closer to water and block your amazing view of the Dnieper river is physically impossible

I called the developer’s office and they said all units are already sold out. How is it possible that DGY still offers me an investment in the same property?

We book a certain amount of units at the earliest stages of construction at a discount. This means that with our help not only can you buy units that are officially sold out but also save money without the need to deal with multiple sales people

What if the construction is delayed? How can I be sure of my ROI?

We collaborate only with trusted construction companies that always abide by the terms stated in the contracts signed by investors.

Are my investments safe?

Yes, the actual transaction is always carried out in UAH. However, the price is fixed in USD, so Ukrainian hryvnia fluctuations will not affect the final price.

Do I need to exchange dollars into UAH to buy real estate in Ukraine?

We carefully choose development companies who have been operating on the Ukrainian market for years. Our financial department carefully analyzes their portfolios regarding the number of completed objects, the speed of construction, the legal transparency of contracts, as well as many other factors. As a result, we make informed decisions as to whether a specific project is a good investment or not. Only after this careful selection, we recommend such property to our investors.

Are property values in Ukraine stable?

We only deal with premium properties in Ukraine. This is a virtual assurance that regardless of the financial climate and the general state of the Ukrainian economy, the demand for such properties will remain constant. For example, the “Slavutich” luxury apartment complex is a premium waterfront property that overlooks the Dniepr. This property is granted to grow in value by double digits annually.

How much money do I need to invest?

In our experience, the optimal starter amount to invest in real estate in Ukraine is $80,000. This buys you a prime two-bedroom apt in a well-situated near-luxury apartment house – a perfect beginning of your life as a real estate investor in Ukraine.

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