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DGY is a real estate investment and property management company. And we are ready to share with you limitless opportunities throughout the world’s best real estate markets.

We take care of all due diligence and customize documentation, while your income grows. We also provide you with property management services so you can forget about the tiresome maintenance of several objects and entrust this process to professionals.

Thanks to our trusted experts, you can diversify your real estate investments easily, even if you’ve never done it before.

And in case if you want to redesign your property, we will bring you the real artisans of design and construction under the most profitable conditions.

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Daniel Gil Yehuda

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Here’s a story of three strangers driven by the same ambition who started as business partners, continued as friends, and eventually became a family.

Daniel is the founder of DGY – a real estate investment and property management company. Daniel’s experience in the financial markets where he invested in low-risk securities with high returns paved the way to the many successful businesses he started over the years. It was a matter of time before he decided to put his skill as a sophisticated investor, shrewd business manager, and ruthless negotiator to use in the real estate sector.

Enters Yehuda, a born CFO with a passion for numbers and a British work ethic with its 20-hour workday mentality and strict compliance with rules and regulations. If managing cash flow and finding new efficiencies in the least probable places is a talent, then Yehuda is an undisputed genius. For a year, Yehuda worked for Daniel, building trust and creating a relationship that, by 2012, flourished into a full partnership. The two have discovered early in their collaboration that Yehuda’s specialty is the ability to put together the best possible deal for all involved, keeping the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and better-than-average returns.

By the time Daniel and Yehuda became full partners, it became apparent that their real estate investments had to be managed separately from the rest of their holdings and the many businesses in which the pair were involved. The market at the time (the early to mid-2010s) revealed itself as a goldmine of data representing a pivot-point moment for a real estate savant; Daniel and Yehuda felt that the right investment manager could increase both the size of their already impressive portfolio and their operating margins by more than 60 percent.

Gaining traction in analytics, implementing a data-intensive approach to asset selection, creating the right business infrastructure for leveling up – all required participation of a true sage, a guru of real estate for the 21st century. Enters Gil, who was charged with building the real estate division of the company.

Initially, Gil managed the company’s existing clients and investments in real estate exclusively, but by early 2016, Daniel and Yehuda realized that they’ve come across a natural talent. The duet quickly became a trio, and Gil – now Chief Investment/Executive Officer of DGY – was put in full charge of the business’s newly-created dedicated real estate branch.

In very little time, using his extensive banking background and natural abilities, Gil has broadened the firm’s reach to the US and Ukraine markets, making the existing infrastructure sufficient for DGY’s global expansion. By 2017 Gil’s initiatives were yielding even more incredible returns, and the network of potential investors and willing property owners was beginning to show the capacity to accommodate not hundreds but tens of thousands of potential clients.

GilFounder and CEO

The story of Daniel, Yehuda, and Gil is the best illustration of how integrity and dedication supported by natural talent can drive a business to the top. Daniel’s experience as a highly successful investor and efficient business manager, Yehuda’s financial brilliance, and Gil’s unique knowledge of the global real estate market, together with his unsurpassed entrepreneurial aptitude, put DGY’s clients way ahead of the curve.

Today the company offers investment opportunities centered around premium properties on highly sought-after locations in lucrative geographies. DGY’s services include (but by no means are limited to) property investment and management, asset recovery, advisory, maintenance and renovation, leasing & rental services. The team behind Daniel, Yehuda, and Gil is a tight collective of accomplished real estate professionals with a combined experience of over a hundred years.

One of the brighter-shining gems in the DGY’s crown is the unique and extensive local expertise. “We are connected with local well-placed officials and the banking community, – says Daniel. – DGY maintains deeply rooted relationships with key commercial and corporate players in all areas in which we offer services. They know and trust us, which to our clients translates into shorter pending periods and the many corners that get cut – swiftly, but lawfully. Our clients enjoy bespoke pricing and significant discounts, early-stage access to high-yielding properties, and other tangible benefits of doing business with DGY.”

Zurab Samushia

Chief operation officer

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Project manager

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Account manager

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Account manager

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Account manager

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Legal team

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Legal team

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