Benefits For Investors

  • High expected return 9-15%/year*
  • Apartments from $63.000
  • Pay in installments
  • Full cycle help: property management, paperwork, and rent
*The return rate is based on past deals, data from Doing Business 2020 rankings by World Bank Group, and Financial Stability Report 2020 by National Bank of Ukraine. Actual results may vary due to numberless factors, for more information please check Terms of Use section Invest

Real estate investing has never been more lucrative. With DGY, you'll get 9-15% return with just $750 initial payment.

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Investment Opportunities in Ukraine

Why Choose Us?


Own network of local brokers,
lawyers, and accountants


Full tracking of an investment
project at any stage,


An option to start investing
even with small amounts

Low Risk

We make deals only with trusted
developers and owners


Full support of the client from the
beginning of the project to the end.
Legal and financial advice


We won't stop searching until we find
the property that suits all your requirements


How It Works:

Step 1. Monitoring

We monitor real estate developmental activities in the most promising regions

Step 2. Best projects and Deals

We choose the most trusted developers and acquired the estate on the most profitable terms

Step 3. Set Up and Verification

DGY’s project department contacts investors in order to understand their expectations, goals, and budget constraints

Step 4. Paperwork and collecting the documents

We start preparing documents for making a purchase in Ukraine

Step 5. Creating Bank Account

We help obtaining the necessities for buying property

Step 6. Choose The Project

A Project manager helps the investor to choose a project according to all required objectives

Step 7. Deposit

The investor transfers the necessary deposit directly to the bank

Step 8. Renovation

We assist with renovation

Step 9. Sell for rent

We help the client to find tenants and maintain the property

Step 10. Profit

Our client gets profit.


Who We Are?

We are an investment and real estate management
company. With us, you can safely buy, sell and rent
real estate in Ukraine under the best conditions. We
guarantee support at all stages of investment, therefore,
not only professionals but also beginners turn to us.

Know more

Meet Our CEO

Gil, Our CEO, founder, and primary investor

I hold a graduate degree in economics. Since my college days, I have enjoyed studying how global economic conditions work for private investors. I’ve been trading stocks since I was 20 while working days at an investments bank. This job gave me immense professional fulfillment because I enjoyed discovering market trends and trying out different strategies to get the highest ROI. Eventually, the time came when I felt the need to buy my own house but couldn’t afford it.

Thankfully, I made a few profitable investments in stocks, so I’ve decided to up my game and invest in the US property market. This put me in a precarious position; I couldn’t afford to risk my savings because of my family and partners’ commitments. However, my investments turned out to bring a substantial net profit. That’s when I discovered my own recipe for real estate investment success. Now, after five years of growing my capital, I’m ready to share my insights and my well-developed worldwide network of partners with you.

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